Tryout Information

The main goal of the assessments is to determine which player, belongs where.  We try to have an elevated team at every age group.  The only way to determine this is to have the players come in for assessments.  We do recognize that no assessment process is perfect. 

U9-U19 players are structured in divisions.  Your player will be part of a TCSL tiered structured league that accommodates all levels of play.

United FC Rush wants to offer the best experience possible for your child.  By having assessments we are able to use our experience to place your child on a team that best suits their needs.   United FC Rush is formed on the basis of soccer for all.  

Our Technical Director and Competitive Director will oversee the assessment process.  The assessors will be at least three impartial assessors who have no attachment to the player's.

If you have any more questions regarding tryouts please contact Tj Tourville at​​​​​​​

United FC Rush Bylaws and Policies

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United FC Rush 2023/24 Tryout Registration

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Qestions: Answers:
What's an elevated travel team? We consider the Premier 1 and 2, Div 1 and Black levels as "elevated".
Why host elevated team tryouts in July/August? Due to competition from other clubs the earliest we are allowed to host tryouts is the day after MYSA State Cup has conluded. This does allow elevated teams to play fall soccer and prepare for the season.
What if I tryout and don't make an elevated team? You will be placed on a team that best matches your players abilities.
Can I tryout for an older age group? Yes, one age group and you must fall in the top 30% of the age group you are trying out for to earn a roster spot.
Can anybody attend tryouts? Yes, United FC Rush hosts open tryouts.
Is there a tryout fee? Yes, a non-refundable fee will be applied.
Who does the assessing? Impartial assessors will conduct the tryout process.
Do you have special goalkeeping tryout? Yes.
What if I cannot attend tryouts? You must contact United FC Rush Competitive Director, TJ Tourville for further instructions,
Can I tryout with multiple clubs? Yes, we would like you to inform us that you are trying out with other clubs so that we may try to assist in meeting any deadlines you have in trying to make your final decisions.
When do we get notified of team placement? 7-14 days after your tryout.